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Welcome to Tahoe

In January of 2018 we arrived in the Tahoe area!
Come check us out!

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Loren is handsome.

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Here we are!

We have arrived in Tahoe.

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the mountains are calling…

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Jeremys Post

About YWAM North Cascades

We are located in an iconic location between the pacific ocean and the Cascade mountains in the Northwest corner of the U.S. Situated strategically between Seattle and Vancouver. We are on a mission to impact the nations, seeing young people encounter Jesus and then go out as His ambassadors: going to unreached peoples where Jesus is needed the most.

Most of the people who come through our doors will go back to college or to the work force but with a sense of purpose and on mission. Others will join us to build the movement.

Through all of this we’re also building a missional, outreach mindset right where we’re at so that it’s not just global, it’s not just local but it’s both of these things together building a missions movement to reach the unreached.

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Make Jesus Famous: An Interview with Jeremy Dorrough

Youth With A Mission is coming to Lynden, Washington, a small town near the border to Canada.

The leaders of this new base, Jeremy and Jen Dorrough have both been serving in YWAM for the last ten years. Together they carry a deep passion for inspiring and training young people to take the Gospel to those who have never heard of Jesus. This passion motivated them to start the Rise Campaign for the purpose of mobilization, and it motivated their willingness to pioneer a new YWAM location in the Northwest corner of Washington, in an iconic downtown building.

In preparation for the launch, there will be a worship festival right in the center of town on July 18th called Make Jesus Famous. The worship evening will include free food donated and prepared by local businesses, as well as a word from YWAM’s co-founders Loren & Darlene Cunningham.

In a short interview with Jeremy Dorrough, he explains their heart behind hosting this evening of worship.


Rise Campaign: Jeremy, tell me about “Make Jesus Famous.”

Jeremy: It’s really about uniting the church behind this call to make Jesus famous. We want to see that happen here, we want to see young people encountering Jesus and experiencing who he is. We want to see them go from that experience into the nations, expressing Him as His ambassadors to the lost.

We want to see people united behind a passion for going to the hard places and the hard issues, bringing the light of Christ to those places.

We really feel like that’s the solution to the broken world, the ripple effect when God comes into people’s lives; seeing transformation through relationship with Jesus, seeing people’s hearts changed.

That’s why we want to make Jesus famous.

As for the event itself, I think it’s going to be one of those moments where people say, “I was there.”

I believe there will be eternal impact from this event.. not just YWAM coming to town, but God working in people’s hearts for the nations.

So far God has been knocking our socks off. He has been preparing this place for us to step into – connecting with believers in Whatcom County to build a place for YWAM in Lynden.


Rise Campaign: Talk a little bit about legacy, the things that are already planted in Whatcom County and what you see growing from that.

Jeremy: There’s a huge, clandestine missions movement in this region. We’ve seen hundreds of missionaries, long and short term, going into the nations from this place. Maybe it’s the pioneering spirit of the Northwest, and there’s this rich Christian heritage in Lynden. There really have just been so many missionaries sent out from this place into YWAM, into other organizations, with people who have given their lives for the Gospel coming out of this region. A multi-generational missions culture exists here and that’s why I’m confident that it could host a missions movement of God.

YWAM coming to Lynden is fruit born of seeds already sown.

We’re totally riding a wave of something that’s happening anyway and we’re just gonna try and build something on top of the foundational missions movement that already exists here. I think because of the foundation we’re building on, it has the potential to be something that grows and have a big impact in the nations.


Rise Campaign: Is there anything significant about Loren & Darlene Cunningham coming to this event?

Jeremy: Yeah, I think there is. It all worked out with their schedule and there’s this clearly ordained thing from God that the Cunningham family can be here to be a part of this. I think there’s also symbolic value in the founder of our organization coming out for our launch, blessing our launch. The Bible has lots of examples of fathers blessing sons, that there’s real significance in that.

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YWAM Together 2015

“Hosted in beautiful Townsville, Australia, the YWAM Together Gathering is being convened by both the University of the Nations and Ships-Equipped Ministries. Come and converge with YWAMers from around the world at this history-making moment.

Hear from our founders, leaders, and influencers. Explore the future for YWAM Training and Ships around the World and be strengthened in your own work. We anticipate this will be an historic time in YWAM history, as we anticipate God sharing His heart and strategy for the future.”

For more information, visit

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Let Love Reach It’s Destination

I still remember when I first heard this message. A friend and I sat on her grandparents’ old couch in the basement, pushed the chunky VHS tape into the video player, and watched a young John Dawson (later to become the President of YWAM) sharing about this simple thought. How often do we desire to reach out, to express our care, concern and encouragements to those around us?

Yet something holds us back, and that message of love never reaches it’s destination.

Consequently, the opportunity to bless and see others built up is missed. His message was simple, yet profound. We love because He first loved us. Let love reach it’s destination.

I’ve often been reminded of this through the years, especially when I’m tempted to withhold a life-giving word of love and encouragement. But I admit I’ve mostly thought of it in terms of my own personal relationships. Today I was struck by the broader, wider scope of this statement as I read an update, written by Rebecca*, a young teenage girl living in Central Asia with her family. They bring the love of God to everyone they can in their village and beyond, and the kids have shared equally in the ministry of seeing their friends come to the Lord. Together they are letting God’s love reach it’s destination…into the hearts of the lost and the oppressed, those who have never even heard His name. Below is an excerpt from her letter…

“Leyla* is an 18 year old girl who has been very close to our family since she was little. When she was sixteen she hastily and somewhat forcefully got into a car on the way home from school with a boy who had been showing her a lot of attention. She stayed with him for two years and now has a one-year-old baby. The conditions were very hard and he always beat her. When she visited home her sister would not even talk to her and her mother always told her about what a bad decision she had made. After two years of being there she took her baby and ran away from the house while his family there was out shopping.

The day she got back to our village was the same day we got back also, which is a big miracle. She is doing much better now and is getting her health back.

She had so much trauma and stress that she couldn’t think and talk straight. But the one thing that kept her going was her Bible which she was reading every day.

We are helping her with the baby’s clothes, diapers, etc. and helping Leyla spiritually. She loves going to prayer groups and says she feels content and peaceful when she is around believers. She desperately wants prayer for her future, being around believers and being able to read her Bible. Please pray for her and her baby boy…”

Recently, Rebecca’s mother also went to a small village in the mountains, where she was able to share the Gospel for five hours. God gave her grace to know what to say, and to say it clearly.

Through these precious lives poured out, God’s love is reaching it’s destination.

Would you join us in praying for Leyla and her son, and the many like her, who desperately need the tangible love of God in their lives?

Would you join us in praying that God’s love would reach it’s destination in the nations of the world, especially to those who have limited or no access to the Gospel?

*Rebecca and her family live and share God’s love in Central Asia. They are a part of the YWAMSF family, and are sent out from our campus. Names have been changed for security reasons.

This blog was written by Katie Zoe and originally posted by YWAM Strategic Frontiers Colorado Springs, check it out here.

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The Joy of Going

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live in another culture, especially one contrasting your own in almost every way? Ever imagined the new sights, sounds, tastes and ways of relating you would encounter on a daily basis? Does it sound fulfilling and adventurous, or more like a life-altering sacrifice and cross to bear?

Lily is an artist in her early 20’s, bright, enthusiastic about life and very capable.

She made the decision to follow God’s heart of love for the lost, all the way to Central Asia.

She recently wrote about an experience she had at a local wedding… “Chris, an American living in Central Asia, held out a slimy orb. ‘If you eat it you can tell all your friends.’ A glistening sheep’s eye stared back at me. Chris was a groomsman, and I was a guest at our Central-Asian friend’s wedding. Sheep’s heads are delicacies, and he had the whole thing sitting on a platter in front of him at the head table. ‘You’re right, that would make an awesome Facebook status.’ I bit through the chewy outside and felt the eyeball squish unknown goo into my mouth.”

That scene alone is enough to make most of us gag a little bit and say, ‘No thanks, if that’s embracing the culture, that’s not for me!’ Sounds pretty sacrificial, huh?

But Lily goes on to explain the reality of her transition… “My ventures into cultural experiences aren’t always so nasty. In fact, most of the time I enjoy the customs, people, sights and smells of my new home. I love living in Central Asia; I think God was preparing me for this from the time I was born. So many things about living here just “fit” me. I love the focus on family and relationships. I love that I never have to be on time for anything. (Except team meetings!) We talk so much about the sacrifice in missionary work. Moving to a different country, leaving friends and family, giving up our comforts. All of these are true.

But at the same time, I feel so privileged! I get to live out the kind of story I read about in books!

Hiking in the mountains, meeting a shepherd with a day old lamb, seeing farming done by hand and giving it a swing myself. Making friends, cooking the evening meal from scratch together with my host mom, painting with the neighbor girls. There are little joys every day. I wouldn’t trade this time for anything. I’m on adventure with God, and it’s quite the ride.”

What many of us would consider a sacrifice has become a joy in Lily’s life. God is faithful to take our initial letting go of the familiar and comfortable, and turn it into a life of deep fulfillment and privilege.

Lily caught God’s heart for this people…so much so, that she ends her note with one final thought… “Pass the eyeballs, please.”

*Rise Campaign has reposted this blog with permission of YWAM Strategic Frontiers Colorado Springs.

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A Look Back at 2013

Welcome to Our New Site!

It takes years to pioneer a ministry but we are off to an incredible start, just four months in!

Here are some of the highlights of what we’ve done since launching in August:

  • Traveled and spoken at events throughout three countries and 27 American states.
  • Gotten married (Jeremy & Jen), gotten engaged (Cecil & Ashley).
  • Moved across the country to the Space Coast of Florida with offices at Wycliffe USA Headquarters.

Here are a few of our goals for 2014:

  • Lead our first team(s) to the least reached.
  • Continue to travel and speak, raising awareness about the unreached, and recruiting workers to get involved.
  • Finish our feature length film.

We are so excited about what God has for us in this coming year!

God Bless You & Happy New Year!

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