Currently, most of our events will be themed around our Unafraid Campaign. We are extremely flexible and eager to share at any kind of event. Through events, we aim to inspire a passion for the unreached in a small group or large event setting in a way that no one walks away feeling guilty or pressured.

Basic Overview


We present at events all over the globe, no continent or nation is excluded.


We are currently booking events connected to our Unafraid Campaign. Events will take place consistently throughout 2015 – 2016.


We are just as happy to present to you and a handful of your friends in your home as we are to speak in large conferences. We always have a personal touch and enjoy a relaxed setting for people to start discovering their part in missions.


Together we will watch the Unafraid film, have an open conversation about God’s love for people and the purpose behind missions.  We will explore practical, low pressure ways to begin a journey of reaching the forgotten & unreached. You will walk away excited, not feeling guilty or pressured.


Free. And no, there’s no catch.

We will not charge for these events and we do not need to take up a collection. We do sometimes like to setup a merch table where people can donate or buy things to support our travel expenses. Our only real agenda is to help people get informed and excited about missions.


Our aim is for these events to be as low-key as possible. We are just asking for:

  1. You to pick a place (take care of any formal scheduling that this venue might require)
  2. Get people to come. Invite your friends!
  3. Find us a couch/floor to sleep on – We’ll bring our own air mattresses and it will only be 3 or 4 people coming at most.
  4. Join us for fun night of exploring missions together.

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