What Was It?

The 2014 Rise Campaign was our first major outreach. It was dedicated to sharing the needs of the unreached and telling the stories of those who are bringing transformation to this issue. We coupled our first film, the “Rise Film” with a missions recruitment tour throughout the U.S. East Coast, groundbreaking research, a self-guided devotional, 50+ blogs, and a Discipleship Training School, which began April 2015 in partnership with YWAM in Vancouver.

What Happened?

We saw thousands of people inspired to reach those who are unreached. We saw a handful of those people take their first steps into missions. Others had their calling to missions confirmed through this campaign. Our website received 80,000 visitors who came to learn about missions and missions themes. Other organizations and ministries were inspired by our innovation and began similar initiatives. The greatest fruit, however, were the lessons that we learned, the relationships we made, and the foundation we laid for our future as an organization.

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