Rise is a God sized dream that every staff member, contributor, donor, and student has had the chance to be a part of; the dream of mobilizing a movement of young people to the hardest, least engaged places with the ultimate Hope of Jesus Christ.

Perhaps you noticed we’ve been less active the past few months. Over the past year we have rapidly morphed; consider this the moment that we come out of our cocoon as a new and better creation. This is bitter-sweet, as we had hopes and ambitions tied up with the name ‘Rise Campaign’ but we know it’s the right move.

Two things have happened that are going to define our future, make us exponentially more effective, and ultimately replace the Rise Campaign brand

1. YWAM North Cascades

We had a massive property donated to us in the U.S. Pacific Northwest where we launched a Youth With A Mission campus, ‘YWAM North Cascades’. We have experienced explosive growth through the decision to say ‘yes’ to pioneer this. This has become the main platform we’re planning to use to recruit young people to our vision.

2. Building Bridges to the Least, Last, and Lost

We have become heavily focused on a networking level to bring coaching and networking among leaders to see more groups of people coalesce behind the vision to reach the Least, the Last, and the Lost. This is eclipsing the networking arm of Rise Campaign.

So, to be clear, we have dropped the name ‘Rise Campaign’ and folded it into these two other teams where our focus will be. To us, this is a step pivoting into a more strategic, sleek, and focused version of what we were already doing.

Keep dreaming with us,

Jeremy & Jen Dorrough

Rise Campaign Founders

YWAM North Cascades

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